Comments and News

The comment engine I had been using at pristine madness—JS-Kit—discontinued its service on October 1, 2012. I missed the six month transition period and all previous comments on this blog have disappeared. There were a few lively discussion, especially about the post on Bach’s Chaconne, and I’m sorry to lose all those.

I’ve switched to the Disqus commenting engine today. There may have been a way to migrate the old comments to Disqus prior to October 1, but it’s too late. Sorry…

In other news, I have totally redesigned and updated Included are full recordings of guitar and lute music—some live, some recorded— of more pieces and I’ll be adding to these as time goes by. I also hope to post web versions of more of my printed articles, and I’ll be adding information about upcoming concerts. I hope to make it a less static site than the old one, which was designed in 2000—antediluvian in the Internet world.