I’m not certain, but comments may now be operational for Apparently the commenting engine that works with RapidWeaver (the software I used to build and manage the site) underwent a huge change the day before my blog went live. (I won’t actually know if they work until someone feels compelled to make a comment. If you did and it didn’t go through, drop me a note through the “Contact” page.)

You can comment as “Guest,” or edit the “Guest” button to include your name or nickname. The whole system is a little more Web 2.0 than I’m used to, but those with web accounts on facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Friend Connect, Yahoo, Open ID, can have their comments also show up on those pages (I think). The mind boggles.

Be on the lookout for a lengthy post on Andrés Segovia’s transcription of J. S. Bach’s Chaconne from the Partita in d minor, BWV 1004. Coming soon!
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