Let Sleeping Blogs Lie?

I'm a horrible blogger. I do all the things that good bloggers are not supposed to do. There are enough of them to deserve a list:

  • I write something here only sporadically

  • I don't work at all on building an audience

  • I don't stick to one topic or area, like, say, music, or guitar playing, or technology, or books, or teaching, etc.

  • I'm not selling anything here

  • I don't engage whatever audience there is

  • I never check my analytics and I don’t care much about SEO

Nonetheless, I will still occasionally put something up here as the muse strikes and as time allows. Which reminds me: I never did deliver the promised part two of my Motorcyle Riding and the Art of Lute Playing blog. See what I mean…


Comments and News

The comment engine I had been using at pristine madness—JS-Kit—discontinued its service on October 1, 2012. I missed the six month transition period and all previous comments on this blog have disappeared. There were a few lively discussion, especially about the post on Bach’s Chaconne, and I’m sorry to lose all those.

I’ve switched to the Disqus commenting engine today. There may have been a way to migrate the old comments to Disqus prior to October 1, but it’s too late. Sorry…

In other news, I have totally redesigned and updated Included are full recordings of guitar and lute music—some live, some recorded— of more pieces and I’ll be adding to these as time goes by. I also hope to post web versions of more of my printed articles, and I’ll be adding information about upcoming concerts. I hope to make it a less static site than the old one, which was designed in 2000—antediluvian in the Internet world.


I’m not certain, but comments may now be operational for Apparently the commenting engine that works with RapidWeaver (the software I used to build and manage the site) underwent a huge change the day before my blog went live. (I won’t actually know if they work until someone feels compelled to make a comment. If you did and it didn’t go through, drop me a note through the “Contact” page.)

You can comment as “Guest,” or edit the “Guest” button to include your name or nickname. The whole system is a little more Web 2.0 than I’m used to, but those with web accounts on facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Friend Connect, Yahoo, Open ID, can have their comments also show up on those pages (I think). The mind boggles.

Be on the lookout for a lengthy post on Andrés Segovia’s transcription of J. S. Bach’s Chaconne from the Partita in d minor, BWV 1004. Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Pristine Madness is a new blog that will explore creative expression in its manifest forms, historical and current: the arts, relationships, intellect, society, education, and more than I can imagine right now.

Perhaps Robert Frost’s statement about poems could be applied to this blog: “A poem… begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness… It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.” Pristine Madness starts as a thought, a feeling, a confusion, a small piece of clarity, a connection made, something imagined—all things seeking the light of expression.

The most difficult thing for modern men and women to do is to view the mechanisms of their own age—to say nothing of actually understanding their effects. More commonly, we view the world, past and present, through the small portals of contemporary experience. What is more troubling is that these portals themselves are thought to be incredibly large lenses through which we can view truth. Pristine Madness will explore what we’re seeing, but also how and why we are seeing it.

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